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8-18-16 FSE Thursday Blast

8-18-16 FSE Thursday Blast

Thursday (TODAY) August 18: Back to School Night--Parents Only Please
  • 6:00 pm first teacher presentation
  • 6:30 pm second teacher presentation
Friday, August 19: 3:30 Friday Spirit Assembly
Monday, August 22nd: Fire Drill
Monday, August 29th: 8 am first Sticky Fingers Cooking Class
Wednesday, August 31st 6th grade Outdoor Education

#oneflagstone Please tweet using this hashtag if you see something you love at FSE! We would love to have it illustrated on our website under our timeline. Please note to not take pics of students faces to protect their privacy.

Morning Start
Our rolling start has been amazing!  Please remember to not drop off your children before 8:55 am because we do not have supervision. If you are driving your kids please do not let them leave your car until 8:55.  

FSE Spirit Wear
We will be doing two orders this year for FSE Spirit Wear.  Please have your fall order in by August 31st.  Here is the order form.  Please return your order form along with payment to the office by August 31st.  

Parent Volunteer Room:
Teachers have begun to put projects in the parent volunteer room to be completed by volunteers.  Please stop by to see if there is a project that you could help complete for our teachers.  The volunteer room is located in the Berry Pod, room 207.  Each grade level has a basket on top of the cabinets that they have put projects in for parents to complete.  Thank you for your time!

FSE Expedition (FSE FUN RUN)
This year our annual fun run sponsored by our PTO will occur on Friday, September 16th with the Expedition kickoff--pep rally from 3-4 pm in the gym on Sept 7th.

Girls on the Run Information
Watch for details. Online registration starts August 15.Practices are twice a week for 75-90 minutes. Practice beings week of September 12th and runs through week of November 14th.
Go to or to learn more about this program.
See links on our website for flier and more information.

Reminder-CogAT Referrals due Friday!
  • The CogAT is the Cognitive Aptitude Test.  It is given to all third and sixth grade students in Douglas County School District as a means of gathering information about students' thinking.
  • The CogAT measures verbal, non-verbal, and spatial thinking skills.  The scores help guide programming for students who may demonstrate different thinking styles.
  • Students in grades 1, 2, 4, and 5 are eligible to take the CogAT through referral.  Teachers or parents are able to refer a child to take the CogAT.
  • The scores are also used as part of a student's profile to determine eligibility for gifted programming.
  • If you feel that your child should take the CogAT, please sign and return the paperwork by 4:00 pm tomorrow.
  • Paperwork can be found at the very bottom of the GT page and accessed by clicking here.
  • Contact Jennifer Radford with any questions.

Donations Needed
As you begin purging summer clothes, things that don't fit etc., think about donating to FSE. Our health office is in need of all sizes of clothes.  We use these clothes when students need and extra pair due to accidents, rips, etc.  If you have any to donate please contact our front office and they would be glad to take them.

See the links page on our school website here for fliers and enrichment opportunities

  • Sticky Fingers Cooking Class
  • Girls on the Run
  • Spanish Club


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