Thursday, February 9, 2017

2-9-17 FSE Thursday Blast

2-9-17 FSE Thursday Blast

Upcoming Events

  • Friday, Feb 10th Dress Up in Peace, Love and Kindness (Hippie Clothes)
  • Friday, Feb 10th Student Council Meeting 8:15 in the Learning Commons: Please wear shirt for yearbook picture
  • Feb. 10th-14th Student Council Selling Candy Grams at lunch in Cafe
  • Wednesday, Feb. 15th PTO Meeting 7pm in the Learning Commons
  • Thursday,  Feb. 16th Dress Up in Crazy hair or clothes for Crazy for Kindness
  • Thursday, Feb. 16th SAC meeting in the Learning Commons 8am
  • Friday, Feb. 17th Professional Development Day: No School for Students
  • Monday, Feb 20th: District Holiday No School

FSE Apple Award Nominees!
Please join FSE in congratulating our certified and classified Apple Award Nominees Brooke Basner and Debbie Petrillo!

Student Council Update
  • If you still want to buy a candy gram for your child it is not too late.  Please click here for form.  Don't forget the meeting tomorrow at 8:15 am in the LC.
Kindness Week
  • Next week is Kindness on Social Media.  We will be using some of the below photos as teaching points during our daily community circles.  Ask your children what they saw and did this week during kindness week.
  • Our staff is also joining in the campaign by joining forces with a nonprofit that makes shoes for ill children.  Check it out or help them out by joining our staff in guying a t-shirt.  100% of the profits goes to this awesome cause!

Teaching Math Effectively

This year  our staff has been conducting book study on one of Jo Boaler's (Stanford Professor and math expert) books called Mathematical Mindsets. We have been learning about how to teach students to have a growth mindset and the benefit for kids as they struggle through problem solving.  She shares methods for teaching math facts that are supported by research.  Boaler affirms that students need to be fluent with their math facts, but she states that timing students creates anxiety that prevents students from demonstrating what they know.  She also claims that timed tests send the incorrect message that math is about speed, rather than problem solving and deep thinking.  Boaler suggests teachers and parents practice facts untimed.  She also suggests pairing visual representations with equations so students build a conceptual understanding.  Click here for 6 ways your can support your child in math.

Summer Camp Opportunities
Summer is a time when memories are made, let Stone Canyon be a part of your child’s story. Sign up for a week of overnight camp and fill their summer with laughter, friendship, and adventure. Check out our website for details about the programs we offer.


Learning Labs is offering a sculpting class for grades K-6 starting February 22nd. Click the link for more info.

FSE Happenings

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